How to Change a Dark Microsoft Word Background

How to Change a Dark Microsoft Word Background - If you often uses Ms. Word to do assignments for college, school and office for those who are already working, when typing you feel dizzy with the laptop/computer screen that is too bright

On Ms. features. Word, in its default condition, has a bright or white background automatically, so it is possible to make our eyes easily tired and dizzy at night.

Well, for Microsoft Word 2016, although the default screen is also white, we can change the feature to dark gray or dark.
That way, when we are working on assignments whether from school, lecture or office at night our eyes don't feel dizzy and tired.

How to Change the Background on Ms. Word

Well, then how do you change Ms. Word 2016 going dark? It's really easy, friend, for those of you who want to know how, see the explanation below

Tutorial Changing Background on Ms. Word

  1. Open application Microsoft Word
  2. Select files

  3. Choose an account
  4. Then change the Office Theme to Dark Gray

  5. Done, Enjoy! now your Microsoft Word back screen has become dark


How, very easy is not how to change the background in Microsoft Word? That way your eyes don't get dizzy anymore when you are typing to do assignments, hopefully this is useful. thank you