How to Cook Pouting and Pouting Recipes

Pouting is a family member of the COD. It is rarely targeted by fishermen and if captured accidentally, it is most often cut and used as bait for more desirable species. It's not much considered a good fish to eat, but if cooked in the right way and served with the right accompaniment, it can be really delicious. This article will see some suggestions (in short) for how to cook pout and hopefully some small ways to expand their popularity in terrible times where more popular stocks eat fish species are all destroyed.

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Note: You must always eat sullen as soon as possible. It's not well kept.

Ingredients per Person

  • 1 fresh pouting fillet
  • 1 egg
  • 2 slices of bread
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • A little olive or sunflower oil for frying


Destroy eggs to the bottom bowl that is quite wide, the season with salt and pepper and shake it quite well. Sliced ​​bread (a little stale bread works better than fresh bread) must be made for breadcrumbs and spread evenly on a dinner plate.

Add a little oil into a non-stick pan and slowly take it to medium heat. When frying frowning or any fish in this mode, it's important to remember to put fish through eggs and bread crumb twice. It will ensure the layer of cooked fish, and that's why you seem to have more bread crumbs than you believe you will need.

Draw pout carefully through the beaten eggs and then pat on both sides in the breadcrumbs. Repeat this process before putting it gently in the hot pan. Fry over medium heat for two to three minutes on each side until the breadcrumbs are beautiful gold